Resist, Reroute, Renew, Restrict

Devious Tactics

As you are cleaning up email, trying to cut down the amount of spam you get, you may decide to unsubscribe from mailing lists. Unless you really trust that company, the unsubscribe link at the bottom of junk email may do nothing more than confirm you actually read email, thus raising the value of your email address to be spammed.

Go With the Flow

Sometimes a flowchart is the best, perhaps even the only way, to visualize how to work through complicated tasks and decisions.

However, you don’t need flowchart software very often so take advantage of free software. Dia at http://dia-installer.de/ is one of the granddaddies here, often compared to Microsoft’s Visio. Another one to consider is ThinkComposer at http://thinkcomposer.com/ which can handle more complex charting needs than just visualizing flows.

Try a Change of Scene

Changing out the wallpaper on your desktop can make your day more beautiful. But manually doing it is such a hassle, so make use of some of the wallpaper managers like Splashy https://splashy.art/, Wallcat https://beta.wall.cat/, or Irvue http://irvue.tumblr.com/. Sometimes, the little daily changes make it all feel new again.

Encrypt a Little

Many of us use USB flash drives to copy or back up our data, but we need to be careful, as it’s very easy to lose these small, portable drives. So, encrypt those drives by using a whole drive tool like VeraCrypt https://portableapps.com/apps/security/veracrypt-portable or Rohos Mini Drive http://www.rohos.com/products/rohos-mini-drive/ if you need something that does not require Windows administrator rights to run.

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