Tab Recovery

Unexpected browser shutdowns from crashes or hitting the wrong keys are frustrating when you’ve just finished opening a bunch of new tabs. Luckily, when you restart Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari, use ctrl+shift+t (Windows) or cmd+shift+t (Mac) to reopen the tabs. You can also set your browser to reopen all previous windows and tabs, a…

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Ads & Cameras

Ad blockers in your web browser accomplish three goals: reducing ad clutter; cutting down on malicious ads trying to inject malware; and speeding up the overall loading of many ad-heavy websites. And now, the FBI is recommending the use of ad blockers to reduce the chance of ads impersonating brands. None are perfect, but one…

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Safer Login Options

Logins without passwords are increasingly common, and something Microsoft has been pushing hard lately. Going “passwordless” does not mean you no longer need authentication; you just use something other than a traditional password. Think of those codes you sometimes get when logging into a website, often financial sites. Passwords suffer as an authentication method for…

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iPhone Tips, Wi-Fi Help, and Security Updates

iPhone and iPad performance on the web can be improved by clearing your device’s web browser cache. The onlywarning is that clearing the cache will log you out of sites and clear website per- sonalizations. Each browser has its own technique but you can Google something like “iOS chrome clear cache” to get the procedure….

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Screen protectors, Amazon Drive, ChromeOS on old laptops, text-to-speech

As AI (artificial intelligence) is used more and more on the internet, here is an interesting use: translating jargon into more understandable English. There is an extension Chrome titled Jargon. It appears to have a “limited free trial offer” —no indication if or when that will change. Visit explainjargon.com. If you like to choose a…