Edge, Word, Gmail and iPhone News

Resetting web browsers is often a great way to fix issues with your web browsing, resetting takes things back to original conditions. Soon Edge users in Windows 10 will be able to reset that web browser without much difficulty. If you have the recent “Fall Creators” update, one of the most recent big updates to Windows 10, reset Edge: First quit Edge, then open Settings, Apps and Features; find Microsoft Edge, select it, then Advanced Options, then Reset. Note that resetting Edge does get rid of cookies, history and saved passwords. At least your Favorites won’t be cleared out.

Related to resetting Edge is just clearing out history and cookies without going through the whole reset process. In Edge, click on the Settings menu, the three horizontal dots in the upper right corner just a bit below the X to close Edge. At the bottom of this menu, click Settings, then find and click on Clear Browsing Data. Check what you wanted cleared and click the Clear button. You don’t yet get to say how far back in time things will be cleared — it just clears all.

The word out on Edge, Microsoft’s replacement for Internet Explorer, is that it finally might be decent and not too limited. It might be time to mix it in for those only using Chrome and/or Firefox.

Soon the latest version of Word, as part of coming updates to Office 365, will be able to read your documents out loud. I know you might say that you can already do this with other accessibility features built into Windows 10 and Apple’s OS X, but this won’t force you to turn those on, if all you want is for Word to read to you. This feature will be under the Review tab, in an update coming sometime in late fall.

Gmail can store a lot of email, but if you get many large attachments, those can eat up quite a bit of the free 15 GB you get for email and Google Drive. Google can search your emails not just for topics and senders but also for size of email. When you are logged into gmail.com, click in the search box, on the right side of that search box there is a drop down triangle you want to click on. That reveals many search options, including the ability to search for emails with attachment or emails larger than a particular size. Once you find those emails you can delete them, maybe after you have downloaded the needed attachments.

iPhone users may be excited to learn that iOS 11, due out this fall, will have a one-hand keyboard, potentially useful with the larger iPhones when you have smaller hands.

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