Personable, portable, profitable instruction on Windows or Macintosh systems. Do more in less time, learn the essential shortcuts and commands to speed up your work on the computer. Training is keyed to what you want to do right now, with concrete examples for you to use.


Master the mail merge, make the computer do the repetition.

Reuse parts, make templates to give your work a consistent look and save time in setting up new documents.

Personalize your styles in Word.

Improve your group presentations in PowerPoint.

Analyze data, crunch the numbers in Excel.


Find information faster, learn how to make the search engines work for you. Get comfortable with complex search queries and how to pick the better search engines for what you are looking for.

Make a web page, make a web site. Whether you make a web page to show off your company or your family, the basic skills are the same. You can learn them and then keep others current with what you are doing.

Learn photo scanning and the basics of working with graphics for the Internet, whether for the Web or for email

Email is still the most used part of the Internet, now you can learn how to unleash the power of such free email programs as Windows Mail or Mozilla  Thunderbird, even such web-based mail services as Gmail or Yahoo!