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Bulk Uninstall

There are so many apps preinstalled in Windows it feels overwhelming to delete them. But it’s easy to bulk delete many silently in the background with BCP (bcuninstaller.com). I love apps that say what they do in the title. When you run it, you can check all of the apps you want to uninstall and…


Tab Recovery

Unexpected browser shutdowns from crashes or hitting the wrong keys are frustrating when you’ve just finished opening a bunch of new tabs. Luckily, when you restart Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari, use ctrl+shift+t (Windows) or cmd+shift+t (Mac) to reopen the tabs. You can also set your browser to reopen all previous windows and tabs, a…

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Wi-Fi Sharing

Do friends and guests ask for your Wi-Fi network and password first thing when they visit? You can make it easy for them to sign on by printing a QR code for them to scan. Two options for this are qr-code-generator.com/solutions/wifi-qr-code or qrstuff.com. I always love exploring, and now I can go to the edge…

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Tech Updates

The new mac OS system, Ventura, introduced in October, has a back-ground noise generator to play rain, stream, or ocean sounds. Go to System Settings, under the Apple logo in the upper left corner, and search for “background sounds” to choose and activate different ambient sounds. This might be enough of a reason to upgrade….