Router, Email & Facebook Tips

When changing to a new router, make sure to set it up with the same network name, password and encryption type. More and more routers let you do this, which means you won’t have to go around to all your other devices—printers, TVs, Alexa or Siri devices, doorbells, etc.—to teach them the new passwords.

When email is distracting you so much that you want to just swear it off, try to “distance” yourself by first turning off all those notification alerts and icon numbers telling you about new messages and how many you haven’t read. Unless you really need it running all the time, consider quitting your email app (or close the browser tab) while you are engaged in other tasks on the computer. Some people determine which emails are important and answer them immediately, leaving others for later in the day after important tasks have been handled.

If you want to truly get rid of Facebook (or Meta—old wine, new bottle), it’s going to take a lot of work, as the company has long tentacles stretching through your online life. Find the best guide from Lifehacker.com at fairviewtowncrier.com/links.

To delete your Instagram account, go to instagram.com/accounts/remove/request/ permanent. Remember to download a copy of your photos, if you want them. And just as with deleting a Facebook account, if you log back in up to 90 days after starting the process, you stop the account deletion.

If you are still using Windows 7 or 8.1, Microsoft will be ending support for OneDrive early next year. After March 1, 2022, files will no longer sync with OneDrive cloud. So, plan accordingly.

Why do people like stacking rocks in creeks? I don’t know, but if you like to do it, there is a website to let you do it online. Check out neal.fun/rocks/.

Looking to purchase a refurbished Apple product? Refurb.me helps buyers figure out pricing and availability across a variety of resellers, with search-refining features such as color, capacity, condition and warranty.

Two-factor authentication is coming for all Google users. You can get the official notice from Google at support.google. com/accounts/answer/10956730. In short, it means that new sign-ins to Google services will be required to use a second single-use code for security. It won’t affect email programs such as Windows Mail, Outlook, Apple Mail, etc.

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