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Adobe has fixed some serious security flaws in their PDF Reader, Acrobat Reader, so you should go to and follow the steps to update your Acrobat Reader. While you are there, update Adobe Flash Player also, as it has also been updated with security fixes last fall, is the place for that update. Since many sites use Flash, it is one of those things you should update and, so far, that does not happen automatically with either Mac or Windows.

And, to help avoid some of the exploits that exist for silently installing software on your Windows PC, you should avoid using older versions of Internet Explorer for web browsing and especially for searching. Upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer 8 or use the latest version of other web browsers, like Firefox or Opera.

Reading the newer Word files when you don’t have the latest Microsoft Office Suite is easily done if you download and install the Office Compatibility Pack. Before installing this software, make sure you have installed all of the Office updates. To find more, search for “Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint File Formats.”

Water in your laptop
If you spill water on your laptop, act fast and to turn off your computer. Take out the battery and put it in a bag of rice (rice seems to work well at absorbing moisture, that’s why it is used in salt shakers.) And, let the computer dry for two days or so. Then, put the battery back in and try to start up your computer. The key is to wait for the laptop to dry out. And, this process is the same to use for cell phones, also.

Static electricity
If your house is dry at this time of year, you are shocking yourself no matter what you touch, then you might want to ground yourself before touching your computer. It is often enough to touch some metal before starting your computer, or touching other electronics in your house. Just remember to do this every time you sit down at your computer.

Free Documentary Films
“At we strongly believe that in order to have a true democracy, there has to be a free flow of easily accessible information. Unfortunately, many important perspectives, opinions, and facts never make it to our televisions or cinemas (you can watch movies in our media category if you want to know why).”

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