Fire-up your web browser(s)!

Since the web browser is the focus point for many attacks on your personal computer, why do we spend money and time on firewalls and security software that does not seem to catch things like fake antivirus programs?

I propose that you start using multiple web browsers, along with keeping up with security updates and updates for helper programs like Adobe Reader and Flash. Tune each browser for the different levels of security and privacy appropriate for your needs. You can have multiple browsers open, each pointing to different website and doing different things on the web.

You might want one running just for Facebook, and other social networking sites, to avoid Facebook tracking what you are doing with other sites that have a Facebook link, like button, or whatever Facebook comes up with to gather information.

For financial transactions, you should have another browser with password saving disabled, Java turned off (if possible, JavaScript also), no third party cookies saved (if your bank or credit card will let that happen) and dumping of all cookies when you quit. Also, don’t install any add-ons or plugins. This would also be the one you might use for online shopping.

And, then have one, wide open (so to speak), with working JavaScript and Java, and cookies and passwords being saved. This one would also have all your favorites. This would be for general work with sites you already know. You would do those “not sure where you might end up” searches in the more secure browser and learn how to copy and paste URLs between the browsers.

IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome and others all have ways to limit cookie tracking, disable Java and JavaScript, and manage password and automatic form filling. Keep It Simple and Secure.

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