2010 Computer resolutions

  1. Subscribe to podcasts so that you can listen to those radio shows you keep missing.
  2. Back up data, spend less money ahead of time than you will have to after a hard drive crash.
  3. Use less paper and ink, learn to use your printer’s draft mode and figure out if refilled cartridges work as well in your printer. Maybe you should get a laser printer if you print more than 500 pages a month.
  4. Try to watch some TV shows on the computer before the winter Olympics in 2010 so that you know how to do it when you want to watch the ice skating.
  5. Organize your bookmarks/favorites and get rid of the dead ones.
  6. Organize your photos and get rid of the bad ones. And, then back them up.
  7. Add more RAM to your computer and learn to not keep so many programs open at the same time.
  8. Figure out whether you want Google Voice to handle all of your calls with one number and get voice mail emailed to your. It would mean requesting an invite.
  9. Change your passwords, come up with better ones and use something like KeePass for Windows or KeePassX for Mac to record all your passwords.
  10. And, learn some keyboard or mouse shortcuts, just for fun.

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