Software hiccups, tips to make a difference

Running two antivirus or Internet security programs at the same time may make your computer feel really slow or broken. Although some antivirus installers will force you to uninstall the competition, others won’t. So take the time to uninstall what you currently have before you install the replacement. It can become much harder after the […]

Alternatives to paid software

There are times when you just don’t want to pay retail and for computer software there are often free alternatives to many of the programs you pay for. These are legitimate and often as good or even better in some situations, and this list is focusing just on Windows software this month. So, starting with […]

’11 Resolutions

Learn a programming language, it sounds scary or unneeded but it can be fun. or might get you going. Scratch is fun as you are dragging around actions element to make a “story” but what you are really doing is called Object Oriented Programming, a common programming “style.” Work on better ergonomics, keyboard […]

Passwords, where to keep them

You have to have passwords on the internet, for email, banking, online purchasing, even those sites that require you to register and sign in just to see more information. Everyone says not to use the same login and password for all those places, but there are very few people who can actually remember all of […]