Mac location changes, Google SEO truthiness, security summary, lesser known hardware specs

You can automate Mac settings based on your location by using the free app Control Plane. When you have a Mac laptop, there are times you actually go to different locations, with different printers, sound muting needs, file sharing changes, maybe even turning on password prompting. With Control Plan you can set up different contexts […]

Facebook newsfeed simplified

Facebook newsfeed simplified. Facebook has made changes in News Feed settings that should help you focus (or refocus) on groups and people you follow. When you see a story you don’t want to follow anymore, click the arrow by the story to tweak settings. And, while you are dealing with Facebook, check out their newer […]


iCloud storage, you get some for free and then you pay for the rest, what a pain on your iPhone or iPad. But there are ways to manage what it being put in that cloud, maybe you don’t need to use as much. Apart from photos and music, quite a few apps will store or […]

In the Heat

If you have a Google account, Google is using your profile information to target ads to others in your groups of friends and such. It may not sound too bad to learn that your friends find that you “liked” or +1’d that new restaurant down the road when they are searching for hot new places […]