Computer shortcut heaven

In trying to come up with my top ten keyboard shortcuts, the ones where people say, “Wait, what did you just do?” I have come up with the following 13. But, in my defense, I could say that cut, copy, and paste may not count, as many people may have already learned those keyboard shortcuts. […]

Did I just loose my desktop?

Intuit Alienates Mac Users With QuickBooks Fiasco I understand that companies lost data, at an important time of the year. And, I saw Intuit, after their first few days of not turning off the update server on their end, implement pretty good customer support.But, there really wasn’t anything they could do to recover data. We lost and I still need to use them. Long live backups.

Keeping up with the Jones “The enemy adapts: the state of spam, malware, and phishing scams”

Just as we are supposed to keep our consumer society healthy and flourishing it seems that computer bad stuff is making plenty of money, for someone. And, thinking that a Mac will keep you safe is only going to cover part of staying safe on the Internet, it seems that phishing schemes, those things that look like you have to reconfirm some financial information, are really taking off. […]