April Follies

In Windows you can chain-load many programs using ninite.com and now there is a similar method for installing many applications at the same time on the Mac Head over to GetMacApps.com and don’t get scared with using the Terminal to accomplish this. One final reminder Windows XP and Office 2003 security support ends this month, […]

Under the shade tree

Classicshell for Windows 8 is one of those tools that makes Windows 8 look and act like Windows 7 or earlier that Microsoft did not want to include. For all of you who are not enjoying learning “Russian” when you are switching to Windows 8, you should try downloading this tool that will let you […]


Does it sounds like a kind of magic for search on the Internet? Actually, it is just learning a few extras to really improve the results you get to spend less time sifting through the list of results. Just throwing out some terms or even a sentence at Google does not guarantee that the first […]

Games people play

Time wasters or brain makers, computer games have always been tagged as something with a whiff of the naughty and anti-social. They can teach useful skills, one of the “justifications” for playing Solitaire on office computers in the 90s was that it taught mousing skills. Although many think of computer games as first person shooters […]

Can you live in the Cloud?

What is the shape of that cloud that has been brewing up for quite a few years and can you put all your computing needs in it? The cloud we talk about for computing means really nothing more than doing your work and play through some service or website that does not use anything other […]