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Gmail Changes; Saving Space

Did you finally get used to the last round of changes to Gmail’s website? More changes are coming, slowly rolling out, primarily to better incorporate Google Chat (to compete with Slack) and Google Meet (to compete with Zoom.) There will be another sidebar with these options, and Google has said that by summer 2022 this will be the new look for all Gmail web users.

QR codes and shortened URLs are ubiquitous, but the FBI said malicious QR codes can be used to steal your money. For QR codes on Android devices, you can use TrendMicro’s QR Scanner (search for “QR Scanner-Safe QR Code Reader” at play.google.com), and on iOS devices, consider “Kaspersky QR Scanner.” For undoing shortened URLs, try pasting the short URL into unshorten.it to find out more about where you will end up before going there.

Another way to “trim the fat” in Windows 11, which is especially useful if you don’t use the Microsoft Teams part of Microsoft 365, is to uninstall it. Just having it there, unused, uses RAM. On the other hand, Microsoft claims their Teams software now uses 50% less energy than it did nine months ago.

Are you doing your bit to keep electronics out of the landfill by using an older iPhone or iPad with iOS 14 or just wanting to stick with the tried-and-true system of Version 14? Your time is running out. Apple is finally ending all security updates for iOS 14, and if your device can run iOS 15 you will have to install it if you want further security updates.

You might be able to clear a lot of space on your iPhone by just deleting Message attachments, especially if you receive or send many photos and movie clips. Assuming you are using iOS 15, go to Settings, General, iPhone Storage, Messages. Review the Photos and Videos by tapping on them and the deleting the ones you no longer need. If you clear any of the Top Conversations that are part of a group, you may need to be re-invited to those group chats.

For a relaxing set of sounds from around the Earth, spin the globe and listen to part of the “Sounds of Earth” section on the Voyager 1 and 2 Interstellar missions (soundsofearth.eco).

If you have had issues getting the latest Windows updates, for 10 or 11, Microsoft has admitted that devices need to be online for at least eight hours to correctly install the latest updates.

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