Tab Recovery

Unexpected browser shutdowns from crashes or hitting the wrong keys are frustrating when you’ve just finished opening a bunch of new tabs. Luckily, when you restart Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari, use ctrl+shift+t (Windows) or cmd+shift+t (Mac) to reopen the tabs. You can also set your browser to reopen all previous windows and tabs, a setting usually found somewhere in settings or preferences in the general or startup sections.

At times, you might need to force restart your phone when nothing seems to be working. iPhones running iOS 16 can be force restarted with four steps: press and quickly release the volume up button; press and quickly release the volume down button; press and hold the side button; and when the Apple logo appears, release the side button. On Androids, the process varies by manufacturer but most can by forced to restart by holding the power button for 20-30 seconds. Do a web search for your Android before you need it.

If you need to save your iMessage history, use a non-Apple solution. Among other options, iMazing and Keepster can export all or particular texts in a variety of formats. If you want to save a short part of those messages, forward them to your email, but you may lose the time stamp.

Short money saving tips: if you don’t print or fax much, use your local library—it is only 25 cents a page. For art supplies and tools, explore Asheville Makers (ashevillemakers.org) and Asheville Tool Library (ashevilletoollibrary.org).

This is the season for artificial intelligence (AI), with many stories emerging about ChatGPT and other services. Google is experimenting with music generation using text prompts. Dubbed MusicLM is not for public use, but there are hints of what it can do (google-research.github.io/seanet/musiclm/examples).

Laptop keyboards do need cleaning. First, turn off and unplug your computer, and then turn it over to shake and tap out dust, crumbs and other stuff. Use canned compressed air to blow out stuck bits and wipe off grime with a premoistened cloth (with a small amount of alcohol) or cotton swabs slightly moistened with alcohol (you shouldn’t be able to squeeze out any droplets) to scrub off any remaining crud. Wait a few minutes and turn it back on.

If you sign up for an instant ink program with your new printer, read the fine print to avoid having your printer remotely disabled for non-payment or finding out paid-for cartridges no longer work if you quit the subscription.

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