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Wi-Fi Sharing

Do friends and guests ask for your Wi-Fi network and password first thing when they visit? You can make it easy for them to sign on by printing a QR code for them to scan. Two options for this are qr-code-generator.com/solutions/wifi-qr-code or qrstuff.com.

I always love exploring, and now I can go to the edge of the observable universe (mapoftheuniverse.net). I do miss being able to zoom in, but it is the universe—at least a slice of it—and a look back to the beginning of observable light.

Where do programmers get their ideas? I didn’t even know I would like to tell time using literary quotes but literature-clock. jenevoldsen.com proved otherwise. The site even changes time and quotations. Just leave it loaded in a separate browser tab for a totally different digital clock. I suspect certain minutes have more quote possibilities than others.

AI is getting better at generating and combining images, so it may be time to get all your images off the web if it is not too late. After an AI “learns” a person, by using a handful of images of a real person, it can then compose new images with that person, leading to what are called “deepfakes.” So far, these images are not perfect, but it takes more time than most of us are willing to spend to spot those imperfections. So, it may not be so crazy to keep your face off the Internet.

When you wish you had an alternate Gmail address, you can tack on a plus symbol (“+”) and then something more to make it yours. For example, I can add “+towncrier” to scobie.net@gmail. com (making it scobie.net+towncrier@ gmail.com) and still receive emails to the original address. I can also find out if that email was used by someone else and track how it might spread. If some places won’t accept the added plus sign, then change the ending to googlemail.com (for example, scobie.net@googlemail.com).

Want to use your smartphone as an alarm clock but not be tempted to be on it too much in bed? Charge it with a short cable plugged in across the room. Problem solved!

Leaving Twitter? Download all your tweets first — log into your account on the web, click More, Settings and Support, Settings and Privacy. On the Settings page, select Your Account, Download
an Archive Of Your Data. Verify your identity, then click “Request Archive.” This process can take up to 24 hours.

Find out what effects an asteroid impact would have on any location at neal.fun/asteroid-launcher, another toy to explore how various asteroid types, locations, speeds, angles, etc., can change the results.

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