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2012 Resolutions – nearly new

Here is that time of year again, new resolutions and some old ones that I didn’t get to.

  1. Check all UPSs (uninterruptible power supply). Make sure that only the computer and the monitor are plugged into the side that says battery and surge protection. All other things, especially printers, should only be plugged into the surge protection side. A laser printer will “kill” the UPS if it is in the battery side. Test it to see if it is still working by pulling the UPS plug out of the wall.
  2. Review data backup scheduling and locations. Make them more frequent than you want to type entries back into QuickBooks or retype all of those documents, or recover your contacts and calendar. Take backups offsite if that is important.
  3. I love sticky notes; especially the different colored ones when used on a white board. They are great for planning and linking tasks. When workers are scattered about, you have an alternative. trello.com lets you put that whiteboard and sticky notes approach on the web. So, time to test it.
  4. Scan old financial records and then pitch the paper versions. Not much more to say than to do it, just have to set aside a small block of time on a regular basis to get this done.
  5. Change to using indirect lighting for the computer at night.
  6. It may be time to put black tape over all of those blinking little lights on computers, printers, routers and other electronics. But, then I will give up that nightlight.
  7. Is it possibly the year for a tablet? Just watch the prices of the iPad competitors.
  8. Really and actually organize bookmarks/favorites and integrate them all using xmarks.com
  9. Clip and save it all, start using evernote.com
  10. Oh, and buy that best new computer, but wait until latest model is out <G>. Seriously, you buy a new computer when you realize that your time is worth more than what you waste with your slower computer, even at a dollar a day you can buy a new computer every two to four years.

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