Alternatives to large emails for getting things there

Emailing many photos and video or audio clips is often limited by your internet service provider (ISP) or even the recipient’s ISP. It is so easy to attach video files to an email, or drag a bunch of photos into a new message. However, the megabytes build up fast. And, your outgoing mail may be limited to 10 or 20 MB, which you can easily exceed with five or ten pictures from any modern digital camera. So, a better alternative, especially if you want to share pictures with many people, would be Flickr, Picasa, even Facebook. Not to mention, that if you want to buy prints, you can share through CVS and other photo printers, just buying prints of those you want, with others being able to see the larger collection. Using these services means making an account, then uploading photos into collections or albums that you can then share with others. That makes it much easier than email to share many photos with a group of people.

The granddaddy for video sharing is YouTube. You might think your video is there for everyone to see but you can mark a video as unlisted (or even private) to limit how people can find your video, you would actually have to send them the link to the video. YouTube limits video length to fifteen minutes, unless you verify your YouTube account with a cell phone text message (SMS) and then the limit can be raised to 12 hours. Audio cannot be shared through YouTube, unless it is part of a video or image slideshow in video format.

Audio sharing usually means talking about copyright and that is not something for here. Personal experience points to most people seeking to share photos and videos of their own events. Sharing audio often means sharing music created by others.

These are just some options to get you going and to avoid clogging up someone else’s mailbox. And, the usual warnings and restrictions, you will loose your privileges at any of these places if you upload images and audio that are not really yours or that would cross over into pornography or child abuse.

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