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Windows 10 privacy settings, guest account, don’t overshare on social media

Configure Windows 10 privacy settings while upgrading to Windows 10 and you will be ahead of the game. Using the Express Settings screen, though a few minutes quicker, turns on a lot of information sharing to Microsoft’s benefit. So, instead, click on the Customize settings choice as you are welcomed in the “Get going fast” window and you should click off all of the suggested choices, only leaving on the SmartScreen filter if you are planning on using Internet Explorer or the new Microsoft Edge web browser. These settings can always be modified later by going into Settings then clicking on Privacy.

Enable Windows 10 guest account to provide a basic account for friends to use on your computer without messing up your own space or letting them install software you don’t want. Use that one line search box just to the right of the Windows button, lower left of the screen. Click into that search box, and type the word guest and look for the search result Turn guest account on or off. Click on the Guest account name and when prompted to turn it on, click Yes. Repeat this when you want to turn back off the guest account. The guest account will be another user name available when you turn on your computer, or when you switch accounts.

Things to NOT share on social media, common sense but don’t post the dates you will be “on vacation”, don’t post insider business information or pending announcements, don’t complain about your boss or co-workers, bragging about activities that might be illegal might haunt you later, and consider if it is wise to brag about some new expensive purchase. Just remember, once it is on the web, it will never be private again.

Change your mood in Windows 10 by playing with Themes in Settings, Personalization, and click on Themes, then Theme Settings. Click Get more themes online and prepare to spend the next hour or so downloading all the different themes you want to use when changing your mood.

IFTTT (IF This Then That) at ifttt.com is something to look at when you want to speed up or automate how you use different services and websites, especially if you have to act on information from one site and put it in another. Using recipes you can trigger things to happen on one website based on what is happening on a different site. Look through their list of public recipes to see what others are doing. And, you just might realize you are now a programmer.

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