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Windows 10 privacy settings, guest account, don’t overshare on social media

Configure Windows 10 privacy settings while upgrading to Windows 10 and you will be ahead of the game. Using the Express Settings screen, though a few minutes quicker, turns on a lot of information sharing to Microsoft’s benefit. So, instead, click on the Customize settings choice as you are welcomed in the “Get going fast”…


May Jollies

Hidden iTunes power search still there Not all software upgrades improve features. The iTunes store used to have a decent power search feature that would let you hone your search better and it has disappeared. Luckily, it is still available but you have to use a special link to the iTunes store to enable it….


Warning Signs

You may know some of the signs of possible identity theft, like unexplained charges on your credit or debit card(s), cards being declined when scanned, or sudden changes to your credit score (if you check it on a regular basis), but others may not occur to you as a warning sign. Bills and statements no…


Surprising things

Google books NGram Viewer. One of the power houses of book digitizing, Google, has made a fun and instructive tool available. NGram does nothing more than show you how a particular word or phrase has changed in usage popularity over time. Simple sounding but it can lead to a party game of trying to find…