Windows 10 privacy settings, guest account, don’t overshare on social media

Configure Windows 10 privacy settings while upgrading to Windows 10 and you will be ahead of the game. Using the Express Settings screen, though a few minutes quicker, turns on a lot of information sharing to Microsoft’s benefit. So, instead, click on the Customize settings choice as you are welcomed in the “Get going fast” […]

On-line Pet Peeves

Ads with sound that play automatically over my music or podcast. Since many of these seem to be on news sites, I have started email those sites to complain. I don’t know when it will make a difference but complaining about ads might hit them in the wallet. I have learned where my mute button […]

How much clearer can I be?

In “chatting” with HP support, I thought I asked a simple question, “I can not find instructions for locating both RAM slots in PF087UA#ABA laptop. I have looked through all available support docs on help site made available for this product. Please let me know where the 2nd RAM slot is.” And, then we […]

Did I just loose my desktop?

Intuit Alienates Mac Users With QuickBooks Fiasco I understand that companies lost data, at an important time of the year. And, I saw Intuit, after their first few days of not turning off the update server on their end, implement pretty good customer support.But, there really wasn’t anything they could do to recover data. We lost and I still need to use them. Long live backups.