How much clearer can I be?

In “chatting” with HP support, I thought I asked a simple question, “I can not find instructions for locating both RAM slots in PF087UA#ABA laptop. I have looked through all available support docs on hp.com help site made available for this product. Please let me know where the 2nd RAM slot is.

And, then we go back and forth about where the RAM is and things likes “So If you want to upgrade the second slot’s memory in that case you need to take this notebook in local store, they will change it. ” and then I ask that simple question of …

bill scobie : So, why, if there is a 2nd RAM slot can I not get instructions for accessing it?
Sandeepkumar : The second memory which is listed under keyboard that will inbuilt with the motheboard okay.
Sandeepkumar : So you can upgrade the first you can upgrade it with the 2GB’s memory..
bill scobie : So, if I take it someplace, they can or can not upgrade the slot under the keyboard, as you said above.
Sandeepkumar : Yes, if you take this notebook to any local store they will surely upgrade the slot under the keyboard.
Sandeepkumar : *upgrade the memory
Sandeepkumar : if you take this notebook to any local store they will surely upgrade the memory under the keyboard.
bill scobie : Any local store? And what instructions will they use?\
bill scobie : It feels like you are hiding instructions from me.
Sandeepkumar : They will open the keyboard and some parts then they will put the new upgraded memory in this slot..
bill scobie : OK, how about this. Are there instructions for safely removing the keyboard and some parts?
Sandeepkumar : Trust me I am not hidding you any instruction.
Sandeepkumar : No, for the user is not possible it will done by only hardware person or hardware technicians.
bill scobie : Let me repeat, I am a hard ware tech. I am trying to find out the safest and least destructive way to do this for a client.
bill scobie : Why am I being stonewalled?
Sandeepkumar : Okay
bill scobie : Most laptops, including many by HP, put both RAM slots in one location, or they make available instructions for access the other.
Sandeepkumar : Please take out the keyboard then you will find the second slot for memory.
bill scobie : I have had the “pleasure” of replacing hard drives in Powerbook G4s, usually at least a half hour process and many screws to remove. This simple information getting is taking almost as long.
Sandeepkumar : I really appreciate your effort you are really doing well.
Sandeepkumar : Please try to take out the keyboard then you will get the slot for memory.
Sandeepkumar : If you have any additional queries please feel free to let me know. I will try to do my best to assist you.

Sandeepkumar : Is there anything else I may help you with?
bill scobie : I would like the instructions for remothing the keyboard.
bill scobie : Screws?
bill scobie : Plastic to break?
Sandeepkumar : Let me check…
Sandeepkumar : If I find it ….
Sandeepkumar : Please give me 2 minutes..
bill scobie : Thank you.
Sandeepkumar : You are most welcome..
Sandeepkumar : I am still researching this issue; please give me two more minutes.
Sandeepkumar : Please take down the steps.
Sandeepkumar : Keyboard removal…
Sandeepkumar : Before you begin: Remove the battery.

And here I gave up, I found the screws myself, on the underside of the laptop, removed them and then the keyboard on the top was easy to remove (without following HP instructions to remove the “expansion memory/wireless LAN Minicard” and related stuff)

I started out this journey with a clear product number and HP could not give me clear instructions for finding the second RAM slot.

At least I can find clear instructions for replacing a hard drive in an Apple PowerBook G4, 1.25 Ghz, and that only takes about 1/2 hour. less than the time of this chat session with HP.

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