Google going off XP, find your serial number, Firefox for iOS

Dates affecting old stuff: Google will stop offering the latest version of their Chrome web browser for Windows XP and Vista, and OS X 10.8 in April of next year, 2016, it is unclear what Firefox’s policy will be on this; and computer makers will no longer be able to sell Windows 7 computers after the end of October next year, 2016. If you want or need a Windows 7 computer, the clock is ticking.

Getting the serial number of you computer is not always easier, especially for desktops. You can find your serial number on any PC running Windows 7 through 10 by holding down the Windows key (the one with the flag on it) and type the letter “r” to get a one line box. In that box type the three-letter abbreviation “cmd” and click the OK button. In the old fashioned looking black screen that comes up, type “wmic bios get serialnumber” (without the quotes) and press the enter or return key. There you will see your computer’s serial number. When you have written it down you can close that window.

To help avoid extra junk software being installed, unchecky.com has a tool to help uncheck those boxes that are pre-checked to install other software when you are downloading desired software. It does not catch everything, so still look for pre-checked boxes before clicking through the install buttons.

Is it time to upgrade to Windows 10? Microsoft has released its first major update, fixing a variety of bugs. This might be the time to finally try it, especially if your friends already upgraded and find it fine. Or, maybe you just like free things and enjoy learning something new, remember you still have thirty days after installing the upgrade to uninstall it.

Filehippo.com, a site for finding free and trial software, has a tool to help you check for updated versions of your installed software. Their update checker <http://filehippo.com/updatechecker+> scans your computer to match your versions against their database of updates to let you know if you need updates and where to get them.

Firefox lovers can finally install it on their iPhones and iPads, check for it through Apple’s App Store.

Now that you have been using the latest iOS for a bit, (iOS 9.1 for many iPhone and iPads), look for some of these added features, like just pulling up a contact by using Search (pull down from the top of the screen or swipe right to pull up Search). You can mass delete photos by swiping or running your finger across the photos you want to delete (assuming they are all together) to select them, no longer do you have to tap each one. And, if you use Mail, don’t be surprised when appointments and dates show up in Calendar, a new feature to ease your life.

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