Good News for 365 Users

There’s some good news from Redmond for Office 365 subscribers, Microsoft is changing how they count devices against your plan limit of one or five devices. As of the beginning of October, the limit will be how many devices are actually active and signed in, not the previous hard count of the first one or five devices.


In the category of what will they think of next, what3words.com has created a new physical location system, assigning three different words (available in quite a few languages) to a three-meter-square location on Earth. The most fun part of this for me is finding that my front door has a different address than my back door which could greatly help with package deliveries. Go to their website to see how it works.


As Netflix tries out new features, including ads for some of its other shows, you might want to opt out of being a guinea pig. Log into your account (on a computer is easiest) and click on your profile image in the upper right of the page so you can get to and click on Settings. Find “Test participation” and slide it to off. This won’t prevent ads if Netflix decides we should all see them, but at least you will be saved until then.

Siri: Show Me Passwords

On the iPhone Siri can show you saved website passwords if you are using your iCloud Keychain. Ask Siri to show your passwords and you will be taken to the Settings pane for displaying your passwords. If you have a recent version of Chrome on Android, you can see what Chrome has saved in Settings, then Save passwords.

OneDrive Syncing

OneDrive, from Microsoft in Windows 10, now supports syncing/backing up folders outside of the traditional OneDrive folder. If you have OneDrive installed in a recent version of Windows 10, you can include Desktop, Documents, and Pictures in your account. Select the OneDrive cloud icon down in the system tray, in the lower right of the screen, then click More, then Settings. Click Auto Save and, finally, Update folder. You should be able to choose the local folders to include in OneDrive. Certain types of files cannot be backed up, like the “pst” file type used by Outlook. Pay attention to the amount of data you are putting into OneDrive. (PC only as of now.)

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