Changes Coming to Flickr & Google+

Are you using Google+? If you have a personal account, you should have received a notice from Google about that service going away on April 2 and the steps you should take to download your content. If you are not sure and are worried that you might lose something, go to and sign in […]

Privacy and Cleaning Up

Apple is letting users download a copy of all the data they have on you. Log into with your Apple ID and password to get to where you can select which bits of all the data Apple has on you. This is also a way to download documents, photos, and videos in their original […]

Headphones, Updates, and Recycling

Apple wants you to think plug-in headphones are passé, as they no longer will include that headphone dongle with new iPhones. You will need to own or buy Bluetooth headphones or a Lightning-to-headphone-jack converter. Microsoft Updates You may have heard that Microsoft will extend support for Windows 7 beyond January 2020, but that is only […]