Facebook newsfeed simplified

Facebook newsfeed simplified. Facebook has made changes in News Feed settings that should help you focus (or refocus) on groups and people you follow. When you see a story you don’t want to follow anymore, click the arrow by the story to tweak settings. And, while you are dealing with Facebook, check out their newer […]

Cleaning computers and alternatives

Chromebooks are an alternative to Windows or Mac laptops and tablets. They are laptops that use Google’s Chrome operating system, often with a solid-state drive, decent battery life, and 11 to 14 inch screens. Having a keyboard, they don’t force you to tap-type on a screen and, of course, integrate with all of Google’s services […]


iCloud storage, you get some for free and then you pay for the rest, what a pain on your iPhone or iPad. But there are ways to manage what it being put in that cloud, maybe you don’t need to use as much. Apart from photos and music, quite a few apps will store or […]

Bits of Advice

Secure passwords that you can remember: You have heard the message, never use the same password twice and use a password manager to help you remember all those different and complex password. But, there are times that you have to know passwords, so here are some tips on making memorable and safer passwords. Make it […]


Yahoo Mail, the basis for AT&T’s webmail, has changed its look and increased its storage limits. Although it is not truly unlimited, for most people, the inbox is open to keep all your email. This lets smartphone users, who use IMAP to read their ATT email, not worry any more about filling up their inbox. […]