Chrome, Cold, Crypto and More

Chrome 97 can now delete all the data that sites have stored on your device, not just cookies. Make sure you have this version. To get it, click the three dots in your toolbar, hover over Help, then choose About Google Chrome. Once you have this version, go to Settings > Security and Privacy > Site Settings > View permissions and data stored across sites.

Now that colder temperatures have arrived, it is time to avoid charging up any device that has been below freezing. Charging a lithium-ion battery that is below freezing can permanently lower its capacity. The battery will weaken physically as well, making it more likely to fail in an explosive way. Also, displays don’t do well below freezing. Let such devices warm up a bit before charging and using them.

Norton 360 software users should pay attention to a new feature called Norton Crypto, which is a cryptocurrency miner that can mine or make Ethereum coins. At least you have to agree to enable it. Find more information at community.norton.com/en/forums/faq-norton-crypto.

If you have to help relatives or friends with computer or other tech problems, one of the easiest remote support solutions might already be in your hands. If both parties are comfortable with any one of the many video apps—Zoom, FaceTime, Google Meet or Duo, etc.—just use one of those. The best part is that you can direct them to show you which cables are plugged in where and let them know whether they need to be changed.

The pandemic has accelerated online buying, and it’s time for you to review some of the warning signs when looking for good deals. To avoid fake or stolen items, pay attention to bizarrely low prices, sparse or suspicious listings (including a found or locked device), the seller using an anonymous profile, no way to contact the seller, being asked for personal information, and being asked to pay via untraceable money transfer, cashier’s check or some kind of cash card.

With the latest iOS (15.2) and macOS (12.1), you can designate a legacy contact, who is a person with access to the data in your Apple account after your death. Go to fairviewtowncrier.com/links to find a link to a how-to guide. Google’s Inactive Account Manager offers a similar tool for allowing others to access your account. A link to more information about that can be found at the same page referenced above.

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