Killer Speed

For killer speed improvement move to a solid state drive. I just finished upgrading from a regular hard drive to a solid state drive (SSD) and I feel that my computer is faster than when I bought it over two years ago. The usual advice for upgrading computers before having to buy a new one […]

Cleaning computers and alternatives

Chromebooks are an alternative to Windows or Mac laptops and tablets. They are laptops that use Google’s Chrome operating system, often with a solid-state drive, decent battery life, and 11 to 14 inch screens. Having a keyboard, they don’t force you to tap-type on a screen and, of course, integrate with all of Google’s services […]

Cords and Connections

Portable this, digital that, wireless connections and yet I find that I have to keep track of so many different connecting cables, power adapters and chargers that it feels like I have to have a second bag, apart from my clothes. When going away with your devices, what do you bring? Of course, bring the […]