Bits of Advice

Secure passwords that you can remember: You have heard the message, never use the same password twice and use a password manager to help you remember all those different and complex password. But, there are times that you have to know passwords, so here are some tips on making memorable and safer passwords. Make it […]

In the Heat

If you have a Google account, Google is using your profile information to target ads to others in your groups of friends and such. It may not sound too bad to learn that your friends find that you “liked” or +1’d that new restaurant down the road when they are searching for hot new places […]

April Follies

In Windows you can chain-load many programs using and now there is a similar method for installing many applications at the same time on the Mac Head over to and don’t get scared with using the Terminal to accomplish this. One final reminder Windows XP and Office 2003 security support ends this month, […]


Yahoo Mail, the basis for AT&T’s webmail, has changed its look and increased its storage limits. Although it is not truly unlimited, for most people, the inbox is open to keep all your email. This lets smartphone users, who use IMAP to read their ATT email, not worry any more about filling up their inbox. […]

Fun again with your computer

Enough with all the doomsday stuff about people trying to hack your computer and having to clean up your passwords and security challenge questions to avoid identity theft, It is time to have fun again with your computer. A big one here, take all those radio shows with you that you keep missing part or […]