Tips to Keep Your Gear Safe During Electrical Storms

Surge protectors are the way to go, either a good one as part of an Uninterruptible Power Supply, or something for fast clamping. Or, to protect everything you can get a whole house surge protector. Anytime your surge protector trips, you should consider replacing it, even though there is a reset button, the electronics won’t work as well for the next surge. Of course, the cheapest surge protector could be unplugging all electronics before the storm. No matter what kind of surge protection you use, you should always have a back up of your computer.


Protecting an old hard drive from snooping

This is just plain fun, you have an old hard drive you have taken out of a computer you are donating to someone, and you want to ensure that the data can not fall into nefarious hands. Why not take it apart and harvest some fun powerful magnets, get some fine shiny round reflectors to use in the garden against some kind of pest (not sure about how well that actually works) and know that you have made life harder for the spies.

Create an Apple ID in iTunes Account Without a Credit Card

It may look impossible to create an Apple ID without putting in CC data, but you can do it by trying to install a completely free app while not signed into an account. Then you can find an option for “None” at the end of payment options.

Ease Neck and Shoulder Tension Quickly with Desk Yoga

I know I should do this more. And there are other GAIAM yoga exercises, just look at some of the other suggestions to the right of this YouTube video.

How to Brighten Up a Specific Part of a Photo with Virtually Any Image Editor

Using any image editor, not just Photoshop, that has the ability to use layers and lighting adjustments, you can heighten the lighting that dark part of your otherwise wonderful photo.


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