On-line Pet Peeves

Ads with sound that play automatically over my music or podcast. Since many of these seem to be on news sites, I have started email those sites to complain. I don’t know when it will make a difference but complaining about ads might hit them in the wallet. I have learned where my mute button is on my keyboard.

Sites that are hard to use on smart phones. You either have to learn how to zoom in and out, left and right, or you point out to the site how much more useful their site will be when it also can be used on a smartphone. You can also try putting an m and a period before the normal web address to see there is a mobile optimized version of the site.

iTunes store search and iTunes unable to expand text for easier viewing. In iTunes preferences under the “general” options you can change the source text and the song text sizes, but doesn’t affect iTunes Store viewing. The search ability is one of the more old fashion ones around, not to mention slow.

And, Apple’s decision to not support Flash on iPad/iPhone will not change, no matter how much I complain. When Apple decides something is out of date, it never comes back.

Cell network data plans that don’t share minutes or megabytes between devices. Why, when I can get a family plan for my cell phone voice plans, can’t I get a similar family data plan? Verizon says one is coming, but will it work for things like an iPad with 3G? Not clear at all. AT&T has not announced any timeline.

What bothers you?

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