Cookies, New Systems, Chromebooks, and Vacations

Clearing browser history and data manually or automatically can help reduce tracking cookies. Of course, each browser has its own method and to save space, I suggest that you Google or search the internet for “clear browser history” and the name of your browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome – or another browser you use).

I like to use the metaphor of getting used to a new car whenever someone says they cannot get used to an updated program or operating system. When you really want to use a new tool, you might complain but you still learn how to use it, as you know it will help you accomplish a given task more quickly or better.


Microsoft has improved app-specific battery usage in Windows 10. Go to Settings > System > Battery > Battery Usage by App, where you can find how much battery specific apps are using. This also is where, per app, you can (counter-intuitively) uncheck the box that lets Windows decide when the app can still run in the background.


Chromebooks are wonderful and often inexpensive laptops, but two common software packages don’t run on them. But now one of them, Office, is finally available for an increasing number of Chromebooks on the Google Play Store. Just beware, if your screen size is larger than 10.1 inches, you will need an active Office 365 subscription.


Vacations often lead to overflowing inboxes when you get back – that is, if you are actually doing what you are supposed to do on a vacation and not working. However, you might be able to manage it better by first telling people via an email autoresponder that you will be back a few days later than you really plan on. Do not start new projects a few days before you leave. If you can swing it, at least check in a few minutes every other day to weed out spam and forward emails to those who can handle your tasks while you are gone. And if you can set filters for certain very important people, learn how to implement that to avoid missing things that should not be missed.

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