’11 Resolutions

Learn a programming language, it sounds scary or unneeded but it can be fun. http://scratch.mit.edu/ or http://sketchup.google.com/ might get you going. Scratch is fun as you are dragging around actions element to make a “story” but what you are really doing is called Object Oriented Programming, a common programming “style.” Work on better ergonomics, keyboard […]

iPad mania

April 3rd is the day the rest of us may experience what could be either a laptop screen without a keyboard or just an iPhone on steroids. So, what can the iPad really be? Although I am not one of those blessed with time and access to play with one of the prototypes, I did […]

How much clearer can I be?

In “chatting” with HP support, I thought I asked a simple question, “I can not find instructions for locating both RAM slots in PF087UA#ABA laptop. I have looked through all available support docs on hp.com help site made available for this product. Please let me know where the 2nd RAM slot is.” And, then we […]