When to buy a new computer

  • When Microsoft stops supporting an operating system, such as XP Service Pack 3, on April 8, 2014.
  • When the new software you just have to have won’t work well on your old computer.
  • When you are learning a new computer skill, like music editing, on that old computer that just barely handles email.
  • When you can bake a cake while the computer is starting up.
  • When new hardware, like printers and cameras, don’t come with drivers for your older operating system and computer, such as might happen if you have OS X 10.4.11 or any PowerPC Mac.
  • When your workplace pays for one.
  • When you cannot switch between four open programs without a delay.
  • When your tower is over five years old and you have to replace most any part, or your laptop is over three years and you have to replace the screen.
  • When you move into a smaller place and the all-in-one computer or laptop fit better in your camper.
  • When you count up the hours spent waiting and looking at the screen, multiply by the current minimum wage, and find that 20 wasted minutes each day (assuming a five day work week) comes out to over $600/yr. And, there is your new computer.
  • When you win the lottery.
  • What new computer? The iPad or other tablet may work just as well for your needs.

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