All Microsoft updates phone home

I have gotten out of the habit of reading those wonderful privacy statements from software vendors, jaded and cynical from their weaseling out of notifying me of changed by placing the burden upon me to view their changes. And, just by agreeing once, I have agreed to any further changes, even if I don’t know about them, read them, or am notified by the company.

So, no we find out that all of those updates that Microsoft asks, nay even demands that we install, are passing information back to Microsoft. See WGA Notifications and download and install telemetry

Office 2007 rant

Why I thought Microsoft would do something that I could understand with Office 2007, I don’t know. But, here I am, stuck with someone (a so-called early adopter) who sent me a .docx file and I am on a Mac.

So, I can fire up a PC and use some remote desktop software (Remote Desktop Connection, if I am trying to stay in the Windows world :-]) or I can have fun with opening what really is a zip file of xml content. Shades of what we do in the Mac world with how programs are actually packages or folders of other items.

Or, I can just unzip that file and find the word folder and then the document.xml and drag that onto a web browser like Safari.

But, I can not rely on to provide me with a converter, unlike the converter Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats

In the beginning …

… there was a web site, languishing in the wilds of the world wide web. Not really doing anything for anybody, and definately not helping the people who wanted help.

So, how to help them. And, the answer came, use a blog and see if at least one bit of news or helpful hint could be posted each day.

And, at the same time, teach more about blogging.

The first challenge was to take the existing site and make it a blog. Luckily things were simple and white, so the Sandbox theme seemed a simple solution. Just a few minutes of making some pages and most of the old information was now part of the blog.

So, the promise, one (or more) items a day, pulled from readings or thinkings.