Old Games, Updates and Slow Videos

In case you really need to play those old Flash games, the ones that Adobe killed at the end of 2020, you should try Ruffle, a Flash player emulator (www.ruffle.rs). Though it might require a little work to get web-based Flash games working with the relevant browser extension, it will let you play those games again.

Changing iOS Defaults

You might have missed an important change in iOS 14. You can now change your default email and web browser app, and soon, your default music app. The first two are in Settings, where you can choose the name of the non-Apple app you wish to make the default for email or web browser.

Text Emotions

Trying to accurately convey emotion in emails or texts is nearly impossible. Research has shown that even neutrally conceived messages can come across as criticisms. Try this: Write down your thoughts and then walk away for 10 minutes. Or, better yet, pour out those frustrations in a Word document and then sleep on it overnight. You might find that you can just throw them away.

Future Chrome

If you really want to see where the Chrome browser is headed, run Chrome’s Canary and enable the hidden flag for Chrome Labs. You’ll need to install Chrome Canary (see the link at fairviewtowncrier.com/links), which can run side-by-side with your normal Chrome install. When you start up Chrome Canary, type “chrome://flags/” (without the quotes) into the address bar and hit Enter. Search for Chrome Labs and enable Chrome Labs. You will see a new icon in the menu bar and you will be able to try things that may or may not show up in the regular Chrome.

About This Result

Another Google beta feature to know about is their “About this result” feature, which can help check the validity and link security of a particular search result. You can find it by clicking or tapping on the three vertical dots just to the right of the actual web address for the search result (usually the top line of the four lines of the result). This should work in all desktop browsers and the Chrome browser app on Android and iOS. And, like many Google beta features, it might not always work or they might just send it off to the growing Google graveyard.

Apple TV and YouTube

If you have an older Apple TV (3rd generation models from around 2012), you will find that YouTube is dropping support for their YouTube channel. You can still use AirPlay to cast content from another Apple device that is able to play YouTube content, though.

Slow TV

I have been enjoying slow TV. It started when I watched a seven-hour train trip through Norway about a decade ago, and now there is a trip around the Moon. It is titled “MOON in Real Time I,” and can be found on YouTube (see the direct link at fairviewtowncrier.com/links). And don’t forget to put it in full-screen mode.

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