Move Your Music, Swap Your Window

Google Play Music is going away by the end of this year, which means you need to back up your music or transfer it to another one of Google’s products, such as YouTube Music. Backing up your music (and other Google info, if you want) is done through visiting Once logged in, select the data to include (your music is under Google Play Music) and then click through the next two screens and wait for the download to be prepared for you. If you would rather just transfer music to YouTube Music, you can do it through or through the YouTube Music app on your smart phone.

If you plug in your laptop and it does not charge, there are a variety of things to check. Start at the outlet. Check the end that plugs into the power inverter box; pull it out and put them back together. If you can remove the battery, do so (having powered down the laptop first), and unplug the power into the laptop. Hold down the power button to clear any still stored electricity and then, leaving the battery out, plug in the power and turn on the laptop. If it powers up, you might need to replace the battery. Make sure you are using the right power adapter; if the plug fits, it doesn’t mean it can actually charge your laptop. Look for damage or feel if the plug hole feels looser than it used to. You might want to try a new charger, ideally one from the laptop manufacturer.

While trying to explore the variety of different time management strategies, I discovered a survey at Todoist (see link at They are pushing their own product, but it might help you figure out how to choose between all the buzzwords. The beauty of the advice is that they recognize the role of paper in planning for some people.

If you are bored some afternoon while looking at your screen, live-streaming webcams can suck you in as much as cat videos. Starting with random views can be fun. Try, which almost makes me want to have a second monitor. Then there is, where the live channels menu is a good place to start. will let you pick streams through a variety of classifiers. I’ve already spent some time looking at airports. And, finally, there is a Reddit community of purportedly controllable webcams (see link at I presume these are all family friendly, but I can’t guarantee it

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