Keeping your phone cool

Lessen the heat load on your phone or table when you travel to hot places or even if you leave your device in the car or other hot places. First, keep it out
of the sun; second, don’t leave it charging; third, don’t immediately try using it or at least close down all apps—or better—turn it off; and finally, if you have a case, take the device out to let it cool down. If you have a cooler, consider storing your device there.

Explore the depths of the ocean at The Deep Sea (, where
you keep scrolling down into the depths, measured in meters—multiply the depth by 3.28 to gain an appreciation of how deep the ocean is.

Google is making it a little easier to hide some of your personal information from their search results. To use their tool to set up alerts for your email address, phone number or home address showing up in search results, go to “Results about you” ( and follow the prompts. Once you are notified that searches on Google are finding that info, you can request it be removed. This does not take the info off the actual site, but it limits someone’s ability to use Google to find your info. Remember, there are other search sites out there, and you will have to wait until they set up tools like this.

Do you have thousands of Lego bricks around your house, with no instructions for what to make? Browse Lego Building Instructions from the Internet Archive (, then search or flip through, marveling at all the sets LEGO has made over the years.

Have a Gmail account and use their website to read your email? Make sure you are using Google’s Enhanced Safe Browsing mode to check suspicious links in emails before you get caught by phishing scams or malware install attempts. While logged into your Gmail account on the web, go to to activate this feature.

Most work emails entail using the same phrases over and over. If you haven’t discovered text-expanders, you can save time by creating unique triggers (often a short abbreviation) that will “expand” into the phrase or paragraph you need. Many email programs have them built in, or you can add them in extensions. Search the web for “text-expanders” and the name of your email program to learn more.

Have a trip coming up? Figure out all the tricks to ensure an on-time flight, check how often particular flights are delayed and by how much at

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