iPad-netbook debate

Might you be in the market for something smaller than a traditional laptop? Boy, the iPad sure looks great, something simple like a flat sheet of paper and you just use your fingers to do all the work, no keyboard needed. But, wait you say, you need something with USB ports so that you can print and easily transfer your pictures to your computer? Oh, and you didn’t really want to have another computer around with iTunes to actually manage some of the transfers that the iPad needs? Yes, these are some of the issues that I am dealing with in trying to make a decision between an iPad and a netbook computer.


Pro: nice reading size, instant on, finer gestures control, easy iTunes store access, easy to change orientation (vertical for reading, horizontal for video), sleek look, light weight.

Con: not cheap, no USB, stuck with iPad or iPhone apps if you want other software, screen based keyboard not fast for touch typists, have to have computer with iTunes to manage content transfer.

Netbook computer

Pro: just a small laptop so touch typists can be happy (once you get used to the slightly smaller keyboard), usually two USB ports you can attach printers/camera/etc., no need for netbook specific software, usually cheaper than iPad, folds up to protect screen, with hard drive have greater storage capacity.

Con: CD/DVD not built-in (but isn’t on iPad either), screen can’t be rotated to best suite what you are viewing, sometimes almost a pound heavier than an iPad, not cool as an iPad.

So, which do I lean toward when I am rationally thinking about my needs? The netbook should be my choice, and therein you hear which one I really want, the iPad. So, I guess I have to buy some more lottery tickets.

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