Importing Chrome Extensions, New StoryCorp App

If you use the Firefox browser but have been frustrated by not being able to import extensions from Chrome or Chrome-based browsers like Brave, you now have an option. Version 117 of Firefox allows users to turn on that functionality. Unfortunately, this doesn’t let you import or install all Chrome extensions, so your best bet is still to find the Firefox specific extension (

A new feature in Chrome aims to help you avoid installing known malware and
to warn you to uninstall such extensions. If your browser has extensions that Google has labeled as malware, you will soon get an alert to uninstall extensions that have been pulled by the developers, violate Google policies or have been detected as malware.

Along with this, Chrome version 15 will look a little different. All corners will be rounded, you’ll have more custom color theme choices, the menu under the vertical triple dots will be longer, and there will no longer be a padlock icon in the address bar. Instead, there will be a settings menu specific to every site for changing things like notifications and a myriad of privacy settings. Arrival time has not yet been announced. Chrome will still warn you if a site is not using SSL.

Knot tying is simplified when animated, so brush up on your search and rescue knots at While you’re there, check out the other knots grouped by activity. The site even has apps for all the common phone and computer platforms.

It’s amazing what simple tricks people find. For example, to reinstall a clean, uncluttered Windows 11, you just need to set your Region to something like English (World) as the time and currency format. Evidently, Microsoft customizes what it installs based on your location, so if you don’t need games like Candy Crush or apps like Netflix or Spotify, go to Settings > Time and Language > Language and Region > Region > Country or Region and change to English World or Europe. During this stripped-down install, if you get an error about the region not being recognized, just click the Skip button. Don’t change back to the US region until you have made your profile and any other needed profiles.


There is another privacy-oriented browser to pay attention to named Mullvad, which is designed to minimize tracking and fingerprinting. Based on Firefox, Mullvad works to minimize data that sites can use to track you without you having to use something like a VPN or the TOR network. If nothing else, it can be interesting to see if there are travel pricing differences when using different browsers to search the same thing. Find out more at

StoryCorps, which has been around for 20 years, has an app for Android and Apple devices to help prompt you through recording the stories of your elders. They have crafted prompts and help to plan your questions so you end up with a memorable interview. Start at

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