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iCloud storage, you get some for free and then you pay for the rest, what a pain on your iPhone or iPad. But there are ways to manage what it being put in that cloud, maybe you don’t need to use as much. Apart from photos and music, quite a few apps will store or…



Does it sounds like a kind of magic for search on the Internet? Actually, it is just learning a few extras to really improve the results you get to spend less time sifting through the list of results. Just throwing out some terms or even a sentence at Google does not guarantee that the first…

Ed U online

Although it is the end of the school year, graduation has come and gone, many of us still like to learn year round from the comfort and privacy of our own homes. There are many options on the Web that let you “sit in” on classes that ten years ago you would have had to…

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Keeping up with the Jones “The enemy adapts: the state of spam, malware, and phishing scams”

Just as we are supposed to keep our consumer society healthy and flourishing it seems that computer bad stuff is making plenty of money, for someone. And, thinking that a Mac will keep you safe is only going to cover part of staying safe on the Internet, it seems that phishing schemes, those things that look like you have to reconfirm some financial information, are really taking off….