iPad mania

April 3rd is the day the rest of us may experience what could be either a laptop screen without a keyboard or just an iPhone on steroids. So, what can the iPad really be? Although I am not one of those blessed with time and access to play with one of the prototypes, I did […]

Passwords, where to keep them

You have to have passwords on the internet, for email, banking, online purchasing, even those sites that require you to register and sign in just to see more information. Everyone says not to use the same login and password for all those places, but there are very few people who can actually remember all of […]

Corners of knowledge

Adobe has fixed some serious security flaws in their PDF Reader, Acrobat Reader, so you should go to http://get.adobe.com/reader/ and follow the steps to update your Acrobat Reader. While you are there, update Adobe Flash Player also, as it has also been updated with security fixes last fall, http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ is the place for that update. […]

2010 Computer resolutions

Subscribe to podcasts so that you can listen to those radio shows you keep missing. Back up data, spend less money ahead of time than you will have to after a hard drive crash. Use less paper and ink, learn to use your printer’s draft mode and figure out if refilled cartridges work as well […]

Computer shortcut heaven

In trying to come up with my top ten keyboard shortcuts, the ones where people say, “Wait, what did you just do?” I have come up with the following 13. But, in my defense, I could say that cut, copy, and paste may not count, as many people may have already learned those keyboard shortcuts. […]