Who’s your friend now?

Social bots? Automatic friends? They sound rather innocuous, sort of just ignore them kinds of things. However, researchers have created software robot, “bots”, that are savvy enough to try and become your “friends” across your social networks. They work by acting rather like a person, albeit a casual sounding friend. Yes, there is a human […]

Cold calls from Windows

Phone calls from “Windows” to help you with security problems should give you such a warm feeling for the big guy from Redmond, right? When you have paid a decent amount for a computer and then someone from a respectable sounding company calls you to let you know that your computer has alerted them to […]

Fire-up your web browser(s)!

Since the web browser is the focus point for many attacks on your personal computer, why do we spend money and time on firewalls and security software that does not seem to catch things like fake antivirus programs? I propose that you start using multiple web browsers, along with keeping up with security updates and […]