What to believe, checking reliability monitor, check Google activity and what they know

How you can trust fast-breaking news on the Internet so that you don’t repeat wrong information? From OnTheMedia.org and their handbooks series, they advise: in the immediate aftermath, news outlets will get it wrong; don’t trust anonymous sources; don’t trust stories that cite another news outlet as the source of the information; there’s almost never […]

Windows 10 privacy settings, guest account, don’t overshare on social media

Configure Windows 10 privacy settings while upgrading to Windows 10 and you will be ahead of the game. Using the Express Settings screen, though a few minutes quicker, turns on a lot of information sharing to Microsoft’s benefit. So, instead, click on the Customize settings choice as you are welcomed in the “Get going fast” […]

Mac location changes, Google SEO truthiness, security summary, lesser known hardware specs

You can automate Mac settings based on your location by using the free app Control Plane. When you have a Mac laptop, there are times you actually go to different locations, with different printers, sound muting needs, file sharing changes, maybe even turning on password prompting. With Control Plan you can set up different contexts […]